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I co-founded and am CEO at Wayve, a London-based start-up pioneering end-to-end deep learning algorithms for autonomous driving. We’ve raised over US$44m of funding and our team is the first company to be testing self-driving vehicles in central London. Additionally, I hold a research fellowship at Trinity College at the University of Cambridge. I grew up in New Zealand, studied mechatronics engineering at Auckland University, was awarded a Woolf Fisher Scholarship, helped design the algorithms which fly the Skydio drone, before completing a PhD in computer vision and robotics at Cambridge University. My research has appeared at leading computer vision, robotics and machine learning conferences, is the recipient of UK and European awards for scientific impact. I’ve been selected on the Royal Academy of Engineering’s SME Leaders Programme and I’ve been named on the Forbes 30 Under 30 young innovators list. I’m interested in building robots which can learn to do more intelligent things with less data.

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