Object Following Quadcopter

For Alex’s final year undergraduate research project at Auckland University he developed an autonomous object following control system on a quadcopter using on-board, monocular vision. The quadcopter was able to track objects using computer vision processed on-board the quadcopter. The object’s x, y coordinate and scale from the on-board video is used to regulate the yaw, height and range respectively. He published this work at the IEEE conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems 2014.

Augmented Reality

Alex created custom Augmented Reality software to convey design information to clients while working as an engineering consultant at Beca. It was a standalone hardware system using Microsoft Kinect 2.0 and the Unity framework which was able to be deployed for a range of applications.

Firefighting Robot

This was a final year design project in the University of Auckland Mechatronics course. Our team’s solution was a robot which could autonomously path plan and localise flames (candles), extinguishing them with a CO2 system. The robot was designed and constructed with 3D printing technology. More information is available on the project page.